Sunday, January 17, 2010


this weekend has been an eye opener for me, especially this sunday
so at church the pastor was talking about how ppl start things and never finish them or do not put their all in it and give up! he even used weight loss as an example and i was like 'oh,crap!' cause that's exactly me1
i always start nicely, make a plan, get encouraged and then two days later i don't care anymore or i say 'i'll do it later or next week' what the heck is wrong with me?
and on saturday and sunday, my sis was looking at me eating and was like 'you eat to much... you always stuffing your face' but not in a mean way so yeah i take it as a joke but it's true 'i'm a fat cow' and i need to do something about and stop putting it on hold or i'm going to be big enough to sign up for the biggest loser!
this weekend really shocked me and put me on earth!
i need to change alot in my life, especially the way i live
one thing is i have no social life and that is base on many reason and my weight is one of them
i'm slowly throwing my life away without even realizing it, and it's time for a change!
i can on;y achieve my weight loss by workout and eating no junk food and more of my fruit and vegetable that i hate with passion, but if it's what it takes to do it, i will!
i hope i post positive responds in the futue and show all these ppl that stopped believing in me that i can do it, and i'm getting there!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

not giving up!

i totally blew up my diet plan, i lack self control when it comes to food
gosh! i'm so upset right now, but i'm not giving up
tomorrow is another day and i will keep going and reach my goal
i'm also planning on joining a gym but not now now maybe in feb

Friday, January 8, 2010

fasting (at least try to)

my diet buddy is so upset that i ate so much yesterday, and i understand her completely
i couldn't even remember what i ate, so i promised her from now until the end of our diet challenge thing that we are doing, i will have at least two meals every day and very small healthy meals
but this weekend i promise that i will water fast
i think i'm really addicted to food and i really want to see how far i can go without food (maybe i'll be sent to the cukoo house). it's scary cause sometime i eat without even knowing that i am!
Good luck to me this weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


i ate so much today that i was thinking on giving up everything and not caring anymore
but when i was getting ready to delete this blog, i've realized that i had a follower, compared to other blogger who have like 200 follower, for me only one persons' word can make a difference
so tomorrow is a new day and i will keep going
i will be skinny and fit into those size 2 jeans that i dream of :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yogurt and dates apple and rice and veggie and green tea

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eating a spinach veggie wrap and tea con leche
Today i had: oatmeal, yogurt with dates, veggie stir fry with a bit of rice, a garlic bread, green tea, peach lipton tea, water:)